garden sign
The Chancellor's Rose Garden
(next to the 750-seat Irvine Barclay Theatre)
As you walk by, the faint scent of roses
beckons you over to have a look.
May their lovely spirit lift your own
as you gaze upon them.

Photos copyright © Summer 2008 Kat Avila / Camera: Canon SD1000
Time: Mostly between 7:30-8:30 a.m. Frost can be seen on some of the roses.
red roses
Form No. 2 by Brian Pellar: I never get tired of looking at this statue at the garden's center. It says something different every time I view it.
Form No. 2
Form No. 2, by Brian Pellar
UCI Alumnus 1987, 1988, M.F.A. 1996
American, b. 1961
Bronze; April, 2000
Form No. 2
close-up on head
Form No. 2
from the back
Form No. 2
in the morning
(looking toward
University Center)
Form No. 2
in the evening
Form No. 2 by Brian Pellar, in the rain, photos copyright © Jan. 2010 Kat Avila, camera: Canon SD780 IS. The rain on the base of the statue reflects the fair-weather clouds up above. I took the photos during a break between storms. The rose garden has been pruned back.
(taken in 2009
on another rainy day)
from the back
close-up on head
rear overhead
front side
looking toward
University Center
pruned garden
looking toward
Langson Library
The Roses
Macrosiphum spp.
white rose white rose and thorns
white rose and thorns
white rose white rose
Modern Rose
'Margaret Merril'
yellow rose yellow rose
Modern Rose
'Helmut Schmidt'
yellow rose
melted frost and fly
yellow rose and bud mixed roses
orange rose orange rose and bud
Modern Rose
orange rose orange-red rose yellow-orange rose
pink rose pink rose pink specks rose pink roses pink roses
pink-white rose
Hybrid Perpetual
'Ferdinand Pichard'
pink rose
wet with drops
of melted frost
pink rose pink-yellow rose orange-yellow rose
Cluster-flowered Climber
'Joseph's Coat'
red rose
Modern Rose
'Double Delight'
red rose red rose bud red rose
Modern Rose
'Loving Memory'
red rose
petals tipped with frost