Test your knowledge of the basic tenses with this quiz. Answer key follows, or you can put your cursor over the red apple for the best answer.
1. What do you usually have for breakfast? I __________ coffee every morning.drink
a. was drinking
b. drank
c. drink
d. drunk

2. Is Donna busy? She ___________ the dishes right now.is washing
a. has washed
b. is washing
c. washes
d. washed

3. Was Bob __________? Then let's go without him.sleeping
a. sleeping
b. sleeps
c. asleeping
d. slept

4. I went to the movies yesterday. But before that, I __________ to the library.had gone
a. have gone
b. will be going
c. go
d. had gone

5. How long have you __________ for Apple Computers?been working
a. works
b. work
c. working
d. been working

6. When you leave for Paris, will you __________ your project?have finished
a. have finished
b. finished
c. be finished
d. finishing

7. I want to go to the beach. He __________ to go to the mountains.wants
a. wanting
b. wants
c. have wanted
d. be wanting

8. __________ you heard from Sarah?Have
a. Will
b. Are
c. Will be
d. Have

9. Will you __________ a cake for the party? That's great!be making
a. made
b. be making
c. makes
d. was making

10. I __________ a lot this week.have done
a. doing
b. will doing
c. have done
d. does

ANSWER KEY: 1.c., 2.b., 3.a., 4.d., 5.d., 6.a., 7.b., 8.d., 9.b., 10.c.