Test your knowledge of the perfect tenses with this quiz. Answer key follows, or you can put your cursor over the red apple for the best answer.
1. I still work for Disneyland. I __________ there for about five years. have worked
a. was worked
b. work
c. have worked
d. had worked

2. When I got to work, Sandra __________ all the doughnuts. had eaten
a. has eaten
b. had eaten
c. had ate
d. will have been eating

3. She asked me if I __________ the movie. had seen
a. had seen
b. will have seen
c. have been seeing
d. have seen

4. Will it __________ before you leave for vacation? have been repaired
a. have repaired
b. has repaired
c. have been repaired
d. was repaired

5. He __________ back home since he moved here from Russia. has not gone
a. will have been gone
b. has not went
c. had not been gone
d. has not gone

6. By 3:30 p.m., we __________ the preparations. will have completed
a. will have completed
b. having completed
c. have complete
d. was completing

7. Maria __________ with Jack when I talked to her. had not spoken
a. had not speaking
b. have not spoke
c. had not spoken
d. will have spoken

8. The clothes __________ for some time now. have been dry
a. had dried
b. have been dry
c. have dried
d. was been drying

9. Last night he __________ before he fell down the porch steps. had been drinking
a. had drank
b. have drank
c. will have drunk
d. had been drinking

10. I __________ since I came back from the library. have been reading
a. had had read
b. have been reading
c. will have read
d. had read

ANSWER KEY: 1.c., 2.b., 3.a., 4.c., 5.d., 6.a., 7.c., 8.b., 9.d., 10.b.