Davis-Horton House
(formerly the William Heath Davis House)
"Gateway to the Historic Gaslamp Quarter"
410 Island Ave. (at 4th Ave.)
San Diego, California

William Heath Davis House memorial walkway
names of George Deyo and
Lanuza family, and S.O.H.O.
(Save Our Heritage Organisation)
stairs to 2nd floor
stairs to 2nd floor
Formerly known as the William Heath Davis House, it was so named after the businessman who purchased pre-fabricated buildings from Maine and erected them in San Diego, which is why the house is viewed as a well-maintained example of New England architecture. While Davis never lived in the house, another prominent San Diegan family, the Hortons, did for a brief time.

U.S. Army officers lived in the house before Anna Scheper bought it. From 1873-1881, she was paid by the county to care for the sick in her home. After Scheper, the Lohmann family lived there. Their adopted son George H. Deyo inherited the house in 1936, which was passed on to his longtime tenant Edward T. Lanuza in 1977. The city came into possession of the house in 1981.

There is a Victorian woman who has been seen at the top of the stairs on the second floor. In fact, I hesitated going up to the second floor because I felt a little spooked, but then I dismissed the feeling and went up anyway. At the time of my visit, the house was empty except for me and a European couple with their teenage daughter.

Photos copyright © July 2009 Kat Avila
Time of Day: afternoon
Camera: Canon SD780 IS
Gift Shop Exhibit and Museum Foyer
bookstore exhibit
"Don Guillermo Davis,
Land Grant Manager"
3-masted bark
model of a 3-masted bark
family portraits
family portraits
"The 1870's"
The high wheel bicycle was
popular in the 1870s-1880s.
high wheel bicycle
parlor chair parlor parlor table diary cover
Military Room Hallway and Ceiling
military room
mirror and stand
ceiling tile
ceiling tile
Dining Room Kitchen Sewing Room
dining table
dining table
table setting
table setting
sidetable kitchen stoves
The kitchen has both a
woodburning stove and
a gas stove.
sewing room
Alonzo E. Horton's Bedroom Hospital Room
vanity with mirror
pitcher and basin
pitcher and basin
with blue floral
marble fireplace
White vases with gold trim
sit on the mantel of a marble
fireplace. Pitcher and basin
can be seen in the mirror.
surgical kit and medicine bottles
surgical kit and
medicine bottles
Lohmann-Deyo Study Victorian Bathroom
study study corner whiskey still
A secret whiskey still was
discovered after owner
George Deyo passed away.
claw-footed tub
clawfoot tub
Courtyard Area
Brother Dogs Project sign
"A 'Tail' of Two Cities — The Brother Dogs Project,
The San Diego-Edinburgh Sister City Society, Inc."
Greyfriars Bobby
Greyfriars Bobby (1856-1872),
Edinburgh, Scotland, loyally
stayed by its master's grave for
14 years until its own death.
Bum the dog
Bum (1886-1898),
San Diego's official town dog