RMS Queen Mary
R.M.S.* Queen Mary (1936-1967)
1126 Queen's Highway
Long Beach
(since 1967), California

*R.M.S. = Royal Mail Ship;
the H.M.S. Queen Mary was sunk
in 1916 during World War I.

About 1,000 feet long, the ship
had over 1,000 crew members to
serve 2,139 passengers (source:
"RMS Queen Mary," Wikipedia).
"The ghostly crewman on the escalator, a bather who refuses to leave the pool, echoing voices of doomed sailors, and all the other peculiar phenomena are also part of the Queen Mary's captivating legacy. And so it should be, that a ship which touched so many lives should harbor secrets beyond the ken of mere mortals."
—from Haunted America by Michael Norman & Beth Scott (New York: Tor, 1994).

"The Queen Mary is arguably the most haunted ship in the world. There are daily sightings of ghosts and eventful encounters dutifully recorded by the ship and the authors. ... Gifted psychic, Peter James, the resident authority regarding ghosts aboard the Queen Mary, said as many as 600 ghosts roam the stately ship, making a pretty crowded ghost ship."
—from California Ghosts: A Guide to the Most Haunted Restaurants, Taverns and Inns on the West Coast by Robert & Anne Wlodarski (West Hills, CA: G-Host, 2007)

Long Beach Queen Mary Hotel and Russian submarine Scorpion
The Queen Mary: A World-Class Maritime Landmark and a Community Asset
Ghosts & Legends of the Queen Mary
Ghosts & Legends
of the Queen Mary

Photos © 3/2008, 12/2009 K. Avila
Time of Day: afternoon
Cameras: HP Photosmart M415,
Canon SD780 IS
port side
port side
port side
port side
ship and submarine
ship and submarine
ship funnels
Of the three smokestacks,
the tallest funnel is 70.5 ft H
X 36 ft L X 23 ft W.
bow area     bow area
In 1942, the Queen Mary struck the H.M.S. Coracoa,
resulting in 338 deaths. Years later, the chief engineer
could hear a ghostly rush of water and men's voices
from the bow (source: Scott, pp. 29-30).
ship flags
ship flags
anti-aircraft guns
twin 40 mm anti-aircraft
heavy machine guns
Wheelhouse navigation control
center with 2 steering wheels
Queen Mary Exhibit Hall
The ship launched on a rainy
day on Sept. 26, 1934, from
Clydebank, Scotland.
Historic Exhibit stairway
Historic Exhibit stairway
Promenade Deck
passenger info
passenger info booth
According to the sign,
this bell weighs 350 lbs.
National Register of
Historic Places plaque (1993)
photo exhibit
historical photo exhibit
Main Hall stairs
Main Hall stairs
Queen Mary
"Her Majesty Queen Mary"
holiday display
Main Hall lamppost
circled by holiday decor
hand-cut glass pane
hand-cut glass pane near
The Chelsea Restaurant
Sun Deck stage
Sun Deck stage near
the Royal Wedding Chapel

Observation Bar: An Art Deco Lounge
Observation Bar doorway
seating area
seating area
part of rail design
A.R. Thomson painting
A. R. Thomson's painting
The Royal Jubilee Week
is above the bar.
A.R. Thomson painting
A. R. Thomson's
The Royal Jubilee Week
Queen's Salon (formerly 1st Class Main Lounge): There was once a grand piano, and a "Lady in White" could sometimes be seen next to it (source: Queen Mary "Ghost Sighting" posting).
Queen's Salon
room and stage
Queen's Salon
The room is being set up
for a private function,
which is why you see extra
furniture in this shot.
Queen's Salon lamp
overhead lamp
Queen's Salon mirror
You can see two people
from the tour group in
the mirror.
Unicorns in Battle gesso panel
Alfred J. Oakley & Gilbert
Bayes's gesso panel
Unicorns in Battle
is above the fireplace.
Royal Salon (formerly 1st Class Smoking Room)
wall decor
wall decor

(I'm not sure if this
was in the Royal Salon
or somewhere else.)
Dressed Overall at the Quay
Edward A. Wadsworth's painting Dressed Overall at the Quay
has an optical illusion, which becomes apparent as you
walk from one side to the other.
The Sea
Edward A. Wadsworth's painting The Sea
Grand Salon: Formerly the 1st Class Dining Room. Now, visitors can enjoy a Sunday brunch here. Windsor Salon: A smaller room adjacent to the Grand Salon.
Grand Salon
The layout of the
Grand Salon is similar
to the Queen's Salon.
Grand Salon carpeting
Grand Salon art panels
Art panels throughout
the area tell the story of
Jason & the Golden Fleece.
Windsor Salon lamp
overhead lamp
Windsor Salon lamps
They look like jellyfish.

Passenger Cabin Area
An orb ruined this photo. It could be a ghost…
or a flash-lit dust particle due to the proximity
of the lens to the flash in digital cameras.
wall decor
wall decor
air conditioner
air conditioner
passenger cabin
passenger cabin
hand-cut glass pane
hand-cut glass pane
in a stairwell
Ghosts & Legends tour: Photos are difficult to get, and you cannot use your flash. They warn you that if your flash goes off you will be escorted out.
pressed penny Ghosts & Legends penny
(The machine is on the
Promenade Deck.)
overhead lamp in
orientation room
pool entrance
swimming pool entrance
(closed to the public)
The pool is misty for effect. A female bather who
drowned in the '60s and a woman wearing a white gown
have been seen in this area (source: Scott, pp. 32-34).
Paranormal Research Center
Paranormal Research Center
in Ghosts & Legends exit area
Ghosts & Legends exit area
Ghosts & Legends exit area
display glassGhosts & Legends exit area
display glass
Immortal Chaplains Sanctuary
Immortal Chaplains Sanctuary
"A Place of Prayer and
Meditation for All Faiths"
fire station sign
Old Fire Station
Engine Room: The most amazing and spookiest area of the R.M.S. Queen Mary.
Engine Room stairs     Engine Room
18-year-old crew member J. Pedder haunts the
engine room. He was crushed to death in 1966 by a
watertight door in a shaft tunnel (Wlodarski, p. 207).
Engine Room Queen Mary propeller
Queen Mary propeller cover
propeller cover