Rancho Los Cerritos (Little Hills Ranch)
4600 Virginia Road
Long Beach, California


ghostThe ghost of an ornery foreman
is said to haunt the two-story adobe house.
Ghosthunter Richard Senate writes there
are psychics who are fearful of this site
(Haunted Southland, p. 20).

historic landmark sign
"Los Cerritos Ranchhouse has been designated
a registered national historic landmark."
U.S. Department of the Interior
National Park Service, 1970

The City of Long Beach also recognizes
RLC as a historic city landmark.

Photos copyright © October 2009 Kat Avila
Time: mid-afternoon / Camera: Canon SD780 IS
Notes: You cannot use flash photography.
historical landmark sign
"The 27,000-acre rancho was once part of an 18th century
[1784] Spanish land grant to soldier Manuel Nieto [José
Manuel Perez Nieto]. The Monterey-style adobe was
constructed in 1844* and served the Temple and Bixby
families as headquarters for large-scale cattle
and sheep ranching operations in the 19th century.
In the 1880s the land was subdivided for farming and
city development."

California registered historical landmark no. 978 (in 1988)

*An earlier adobe was built circa 1835 by Nieto's daughter
Manuela and her husband Guillermo Cota, per RLC website.
Entrance and Inner Courtyard
visitor center
The walkway runs past the
foreman's room, storeroom,
and blacksmith shop.
view of inner courtyard
from the sunporch
garden pool
garden pool
garden pool
waterspray from
the stone frog's mouth
Foreman's Room and the Storeroom
room desk hurricane lantern and branding iron
hurricane lantern
and branding iron
ceiling light
hanging wooden
candle chandelier
storeroom exhibit
Parlor, Hallway, and Stairs
parlor mirror hallway mirror
hallway mirror reflecting
the stairs
hallway mirror
hallway mirror reflecting
part of the hall
stairs to the balcony
and bedrooms
Dining Room
dining table teapot
teapot/kettle on stand
and oil lamp
teapot/kettle on stand with
wooden handle and burner
I was enchanted by
the light pattern.
The light projection on
the ceiling was cool, too.

Balcony: As I was about to reach the top of the stairs, a strong breeze latched the balcony door shut, which drew my attention to it, so I explored the balcony first before the bedrooms.
from the right side
facing the lawn area
from the left side
facing the lawn area
balcony door roof
view of red roof tiles
and inner courtyard
parents' bedroom
parents' bedroom
A bedroom window is
reflected in the frame.
window in the
children's bedroom
pitcher and bowl
porcelain pitcher and basin
wooden horse tricycle
wooden horse tricycle
Lawn Area and Gardens
backyard pathway
approaching the house
from the side gardens
wooden water tower

Rancho Los Alamitos
front yard view of house
Rancho Los Alamitos (Little Cottonwoods Ranch), 6400 E. Bixby Hill Rd., Long Beach, Calif.
The original Nieto family adobe was built in the early 1800s. The house and Cal State Long Beach
overlay the Tongva (aka Gabrielino) sacred site of Puvungna, which includes burial grounds.

Photos copyright © October 2009 Kat Avila / Time: mid-afternoon / Camera: Canon SD780 IS
Notes: The ranch is in a gated community. Enter at E. Anaheim Rd. and Palo Verde Ave. Tell the guard you are visiting the museum. You cannot take photos inside the house.
porch light
porch light and sheep horns
Free guided house tours
start from the office.
office sign
office sign
inner courtyard
secret garden
Secret Garden
garden retreat area
garden retreat area
sundial and garden
sundial and rose garden

It's 3 o'clock exactly.
oleander walkway
walkway to cutting garden
cutting garden
cutting garden with a special
receptacle for cut flowers
garden statue
statue in Friendly Garden
tennis court
tennis court
walkway next to tennis court
cactus garden
Native Garden
The barn area was under
renovation, which is why you
see the "CAUTION" tape.
ghostStanley Ranch Museum and Historical Village, 12174 Euclid St., Garden Grove, California / Photos copyright © October 2009 Kat Avila
The site was closed to visitors when I arrived, but there were maintenance workers who told me there were docent-led tours twice a month. A caretaker was once visited at night by a ghost who told him, "You know who I am. Don't take any bullshit." Others have heard a baby crying in the house. (source: May, HHWG, p. 35)
The 1972 memorial plaque by
the sign lists local men who
died in combat during WWII.
Ware-Stanley House
(built 1892)
garden statue and gazebo
front yard
tank house (circa 1910),
wind vane, and bell
wind vane
wind vane