Shimabara Castle
from the train station
From "My Travelogue Manga of Japan (Sans Drawings)," by K. Avila, Sequential Tart, May 2006, 2 April 2006 entry: "I'm feeling a little frayed around the edges. I arrive at Shimabara Castle after taking an expensive train ride to get there (a guide book might have helped at this point). The JR pass could not be used. The castle is linked to the famous Shimabara Rebellion, an unsuccessful 1637 uprising of mostly Christian peasants [lead by Amakusa Shirō]."

Welcome to Shimabara City.
Japan National Tourist Organization (JNTO), Unzen/Shimabara. There's a popular hot springs resort near Shimabara.
manhole cover
manhole cover in Beppu
(city where I stayed
before Shimabara)
Statue at Shimabara Station
of a mother carrying a baby
on her back. (blurry photo)
creative bulletin at
the train station
carp swimming in
freshwater city stream
storefront with
Girls' Day doll set
Shimabara Castle
Shimabara Castle
Shimabara Castle
castle entrance
samurai armor
samurai armor next
to the ticket window
Amakusa Shiro
Amakusa Shirō,
leader of the
Shimabara Rebellion
Amakusa Shiro
Amakusa Shirō
Children's Kendō Tournament: There was a tournament on the castle grounds on the day I visited.
rooftop view
view from castle roof
looking down at the
kendō tournament
fencing tournament
with bamboo swords
The referee stands by
on the right.
Who will be the victor?
Each team acknowledges
their opponents.
The girls are up next.
The teams acknowledge
each other.