From "My Travelogue Manga of Japan (Sans Drawings)," by Kat Avila, Sequential Tart, May 2006, 3 April 2006 entry: "…I arrive at Ise-shi after six hours of slow trains from Osaka to see the Ise Shrines, but at this point I have already lost the light for any good photographs. I toss in the towel, leaving before I see anything significant. Filled with disappointment, I take a private train and a JR bullet train back to Osaka. I get back in half the time with a quick stopover at Nagoya Castle."

Ise Jingu.
History of City of Nagoya.

Photos copyright © 2006 Kat Avila
Ise Shrines: The photos are only of the Geku (aka Toyoukedaijingu, Outer Shrine). It was too late to go to the more impressive Naiku (aka Kotaijingu, Inner Shrine).
wash basin
Before your visit, you go to the temizusha wash basin
to purify yourself by rinsing your hands and mouth.
long-handled wooden
dippers line the basin
alternate site
alternate site
for main sanctuary
main sanctuary
torii (shrine gate) in
front of main sanctuary
sacred rope
rocks protected by
shimenawa (sacred rope)
rocks close-up
Tsuchi-no-miya sanctuary

"Miya" means "Shintō shrine."
Taka-no-miya sanctuary
shrine gate
torii (shrine gate) and
thatched roof
City of Nagoya and Nagoya Castle
building clock building statue
Katō Kiyomasa statue
Nagoya Castle
Nagoya Castle
stage and castle
stage and castle