Updated: 22 December 2007

IIstix Entertainment. http://www.iistix.com/ (under construction 12/07)
AAJA (AA Journalists Assoc.)(est. 1981), San Francisco, CA. http://www.aaja.org/
AIA (Asians In America) magazine. (est. 1999). http://www.asiansinamerica.org/home.html
AsianWeek, San Francisco, CA. Oldest & largest API newspaper. http://news.asianweek.com/news/
Audrey, Gardena, CA. Women's lifestyle magazine. http://www.audreymagazine.com/
Azine: Asian American Movement Ezine. http://www.aamovement.net/index.html

Bamboo Girl Zine, NYC, NY (est. 1995). Filipina/API. http://www.bamboogirl.com/
Center for Asian American Media (formerly National Asian American Telecommunications Assoc.)(est. 1980), San Francisco, CA. http://asianamericanmedia.org/
CET (Center for Educational Telecommunications), Berkeley, CA (est. 1983). http://www.cetel.org/
GenerationRice.com (1999-2005), NYC, NY. http://generationrice.com/ (officially closed, but site is online)
Giant Robot (est. 1994), Los Angeles, CA. Pop culture. http://www.giantrobot.com/
ImaginAsian Entertainment, NYC, NY. ImaginAsian Center, L.A., CA. http://www.iacenterla.com/
J!-ENT (est. 1993). Japanese & Asian pop culture. http://www.nt2099.com/J-ENT/
Jade Magazine (est. 1998), NYC, NY. Women's lifestyle. http://www.jademagazine.com/

Rafu Shimpo, Los Angeles, CA (est. 1903). Japanese-American newspaper. http://www.rafu.com/
Theme, NYC, NY. Avant-garde. http://www.thememagazine.com/
USAsians.net. http://us_asians.tripod.com/
Yolk, Alhambra, CA (pop culture). http://www.yolk.com/ (under construction 12/07)

Music and Fashion
IZU, Mark. Musician/composer. Works with performer/storyteller Brenda Aoki. http://www.firstvoice.org/
JaME American/Europa/East Asia (est. 2005). Japanese music database.
JapanFiles.com. MP3, contemporary Japanese music. http://www.yesjapan.com/japanfiles/
Jrock Revolution. http://jrockrevolution.com/
Lolita Kisama International. Gothic Lolita, Visual Kei clothing. http://www.lolita-kisama.com/main
Purple Sky, W. Caldewell, NJ (Clear Phoenix Media). J-Rock magazine. http://www.purpleskymagazine.com/
visual-addicts: Online community for Japanese alternative fashion fans. http://www.visual-addicts.com/

Azine (Asian American Movement Ezine), Boston, MA (est. 1999). http://www.aamovement.net
Asian-American Politics, Fort Worth, TX. Conservative Republican, anti-feminist bias. http://www.asianam.org/
Asian Law Caucus, San Francisco, CA (est. 1972). http://www.asianlawcaucus.org/
Center for Immigration Studies, Washington, D.C. (esto. 1985). Think tank. http://www.cis.org/
MANAA (Media Action Network For Asian Americans), Burbank, CA (est. 1992). Media watchdog group. http://www.manaa.org/
KAWAHARA, Sonoko. http://www.womenarts.org/network/profile_7.html (bio)
LOOK, Phyllis S. K. http://ntcp.org/compendium/PHYLLISS.html (essay)
NAKAHARA, Ron. http://www.ntcp.org/compendium/RON.html (essay)

AGENA, Keiko. ttp://www.keikoagena.com/
AOKI, Brenda Wong. Performer/storyteller. http://www.firstvoice.org/
Big Bad Chinese Mama. Performance artist. Spoof mail order bride site. http://www.bigbadchinesemama.com/
CHO, John. http://www.leftofzed.com/ (rock band site, last updated 2006)
CHO, Margaret. Comedian. http://www.margaretcho.com/index.html
DE LA CRUZ, Alison. Performance artist. http://www.greatleap.org/alison/
FULBECK, Kip. Hapa multimedia artist. http://www.seaweedproductions.com/
HILL, Amy. http://www.greatleap.org/amy/
KIAMCO, Rich. http://www.richkiamco.com/
KIM, Tina. Comedian. http://www.tinakim.com/
LEE, Jared. http://www.jaredlee.org/
LEE, Lela. Actor/cartoonist. http://www.angrylittlegirls.com/
LOH, Sandra Tsing. Performance artist. http://www.k2b2.com/Sandra.html
LUU, Alex. Performance artist. http://www.greatleap.org/alex/
NAVARRETE, Rex. Comedian. http://www.rexnavarrete.com/
SAKAMOTO, Michael. Dance theatre & visual art. http://www.michaelsakamoto.com/
SALONGA, Lea. http://www.leasalonga.com/
TAKEI, George. http://www.georgetakei.com/
UYEHARA, Denise. Performance artist. http://www.deniseuyehara.com/
WANG, Garrett. http://ensignkim310.tripod.com/ (fan site)
WONG, Russell. http://www.russellwong.com/
YEE, Derek. http://members.tripod.com/~Derek_Yee/

DE CASTRO, Thelma Virata. http://hometown.aol.com/atdecastro
GOMOLVILAS, Prince. http://www.princegomolvilas.com/
GOTANDA, Philip Kan. http://www.philipkangotanda.com/
HAGEDORN, Jessica. http://www.english.uiuc.edu/maps/poets/g_l/hagedorn/hagedorn.htm (bio)
HOUSTON, Velina Hasu. http://velinahasuhouston.com/pages/1/index.htm
HWANG, David Henry. http://www.fb10.uni-bremen.de/anglistik/kerkhoff/ContempDrama/Hwang.htm (bio)
TUAN, Alice. http://www.womenarts.org/network/profile_1.html (bio)

Theatre Groups
18 Mighty Mountain Warriors (comedy), San Francisco, CA (est. 1994). http://18mmw.com/
Asian American Theater Co. (AATC), San Francisco, CA (est. 1973). http://www.asianamericantheater.org/
Bindlestiff Studio: The Epicenter for Pilipino Performing Arts in San Francisco's SOMA Pilipino, San Francisco, CA. http://www.bindlestiffstudio.org/
Cold Tofu (improvisation), Los Angeles, CA. http://www.coldtofu.com/ (recheck link)
Community Asian Theatre of the Sierra, Nevada City, CA. http://www.catsweb.org/
Contemporary Asian Theater Scene (CATS), San Jose, CA. http://www.asiantheater.org/
East West Players, Los Angeles, CA (est. 1965). http://www.eastwestplayers.org/
Eth-Noh-Tec: Asian American Storytelling Movement Theater, San Francisco, CA (est. 1982). http://www.ethnohtec.org/
Great Leap, Inc., a non-profit performing arts organization, Santa Monica, CA. http://www.greatleap.org/
I Was Born With Two Tongues (spoken word), Chicago, IL. http://www.2tongues.com/
Kularts (aka Kulintang Arts): American Pilipino & Philippine artists, San Francisco, CA (est. 1985). http://kularts.org/
Lapu, the Coyote That Cares Theatre Co. (LCC), University of California, Los Angeles, CA (est. 1995). http://www.studentgroups.ucla.edu/lcc/
Lodestone Theatre Ensemble (formerly Society of Heritage Performers), Los Angeles, CA (est. 1995). http://www.lodestonetheatre.org/
National Asian American Theatre Co., Inc., Brooklyn, NY. http://www.naatco.org/
Pan Asian Repertory Theatre, New York, NY (est. 1983). http://www.panasianrep.org/
Ping Chong & Company (originally The Fiji Theatre Co.), New York, NY (est. 1975). http://www.pingchong.org/, http://www.undesirableelements.org/
Propergander: A Coalition of Artists, some Good … some Evil, Los Angeles, CA. http://www.propergander.net/
San Diego Asian American Repertory Theatre, San Diego, CA (est. 1995). http://www.asianamericanrep.org/
TeAda Productions, Santa Monica, CA (est. 1994). http://www.teada.org/
Theater Mu, Minneapolis, MN. http://www.theatermu.org/
Vancouver Asian Canadian Theatre (VACT), Vancouver, Canada. http://www.vact.ca/
West Coast Lion Dance Troupe, Daly City, CA. http://www.geocities.com/Colosseum/8067/
Yellow Rage (spoken word duo), Philadelphia, PA. http://www.yellowrage.com/
zero 3: Stage and spoken word superheroes, Los Angeles, CA (est. Feb 2000). http://www.zero3.org/

Theatre Resources
AArisings: Da Entertainment Resource about Asian Pacific Americans. http://www.aarising.com/
Asian American Theatre Revue, Seattle, WA (est. 1996 by Roger W. Tang). http://www.aatrevue.com/
Dan Bacalzo's Asian American Performance Site. http://www.geocities.com/dan_bacalzo/ (teaches at New York University)
University of San Francisco (USF) Asian Theatre Site. http://www.usfca.edu/~davisr/thtrasia.html (Links to Chinese theatre, Japanese theatre, Southeast Asian theatre, and Asian American theatre.)

Miscellaneous Theatre-related Sites
Asian American Arts Alliance. http://www.aaartsalliance.org/
The Asian American Writers' Workshop, New York, NY (est. 1991). http://www.aaww.org/
Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA. http://www.asianart.org/
Asian Arts Initiative, Philadelphia, CA. http://www.asianartsinitiative.org/
Back Stage: The Actor's Resource. http://www.backstage.com/
The Fund for Women Artists, Florence, MA. http://www.womenarts.org/
Kearny Street Workshop, San Francisco, CA (est. 1972). Oldest multidisciplinary API arts organization. http://www.kearnystreet.org/
Locus, San Francisco, CA (est. 2000). http://www.locusarts.org/
Mixed Blood Theatre Co., Minneapolis, MN. http://www.mixedblood.com/
National Endowment for the Arts. http://arts.endow.gov/
Non-Traditional Casting Project (NTCP), New York, NY (est. 1986). http://www.ntcp.org/
The WWW Virtual Library, Theatre and Drama. http://vl-theatre.com/

Web Directories
Filipino Web.com: "The Filipino & Filipino American Information & Resource Center." http://wwwfilipinoweb.com/
Tanikalang Ginto Filipinolinks.com (est. 1994). http://filipinolinks.com/