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This page is dedicated to L.A. Davidson (1917-2007): this winter / one less card / is still there (2007.12.22)

(KAT'S NOTE: There were two haiku poets I regularly received holiday season's greetings from. One of them was L.A. Davidson. Davidson would include her published haiku for that year in her cards and letters, and I found her efforts inspirational, not just because she was still actively being published but because a contagious joy in her craft came through.)

Last updated: 23 December 2007

Selected Poets and Scholars
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Dragonfly Guidelines: Haiku Isn'ts. (This copy dates back to about 1982-1983, but that's not the same as the date of actual creation of the guidelines. Copies were sent to all writers with returned correspondence.)
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LAMB, Elizabeth Searle. (1917-2005) "First Lady of American Haiku." http://www.millikin.edu/haiku/writerprofiles/lamb.html
(KAT'S NOTE: One time I received a B&W photo of a silver-haired Lamb in a correspondence from her. Looking upon her profile — she was sitting on a bench facing away from the camera — I remember thinking she looked as elegant and refined as her haiku.)

MORMINO, Kay Titus. Founder of Modern Haiku (est. 1969).
mountain, marlene. "the chaoscoswommos of all one-line haiku sites." http://www.marlenemountain.org/

ROSELIEP, Raymond. (1917-1983) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raymond_Roseliep
(KAT'S NOTE: This man's innovative and beautiful writing opened up my eyes to the power of a well-crafted haiku.)

ROTELLA, Alexis.

SPIES(S), Robert Clayton. (1921-2002) Long-time editor of Modern Haiku. Wrote periodic "Speculations" on haiku.
(KAT'S NOTE: When these editors were alive, I associated Harr with the practical craft of writing haiku and Spiess with the high art.)

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