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Anime/manga industry links (last reviewed 2009)
Manga reviews
Shoujo Manga Summer Fun Reading List (2006)
Survey Results on male anime/manga character preferred hair color and body type (2007-08)

Comic-Con International, Part 2. Nov 2006.
Monstruo: Creature Character Designer Carlos Huante. Nov 2006.
Comic-Con International 2006: Searching for Yoshihiro Tatsumi. Sep 2006.
Writers of the Future Awards Ceremony. Sep 2006.
Anime Expo Celebrates Its 15th Anniversary. Aug 2006.
Debi Derryberry [the voice of Nickelodeon's Jimmy Neutron]: Singing Thru the Summer. Aug 2006.
Tokyo International Anime Fair 2006. May 2006.
My Travelogue Manga of Japan (Sans Drawings). May 2006.

The Boy-Toy World of P.L. Nunn. Dec 2005.
Yaoi-Con 2005: A Celebration of Female Fantasies. Dec 2005.
PMExcellent - Pacific Media Expo. Oct 2005.
Alien Smugglers and Bounty Hunters in the Sci-Fi Comic Runners - [interview with] Sean Wang. Sep 2005.
Anime Expo 2005 Sets New Attendance Record. Aug 2005.
El Muerto Goes from Comic to Movie - [interview with] Javier Hernandez. Mar 2005.
Boy's Love and Yaoi Revisited. Jan 2005.
The Development of The Almost Legendary Shannon Graphic Novel - [interview with] David Wise. Jan 2005.

How to Become a Tea Club Warrior - Phuong-Mai Bui-Quang (PMBQ). Dec 2004.
15 Years of the All-Woman Manga Studio CLAMP. Nov 2004. (NOTE: Total number of volumes for several titles were not corrected at time of publication.)
A Review of You Higuri's Gorgeous Carat. Oct 2004.
Photo Pose Books for Comic Artists. Oct 2004.
Romantic Fantasy and Anime/Manga-Style Artist - Nene Thomas. Sep 2004.
Sang-Sun Park, Les Bijoux Comic Artist. Aug 2004.
You Higuri at FanimeCon 2004. Jul 2004.

Anime (2004-05)

We Love Yaoi Comics. 6 January 2005.
Spotlight on Last Exile [anime]. 12 Jul 2004.
Tomokazu Seki at Anime Expo 2004. 11 Jul 2004.
Infinity Studios and manhwa. 16 Jun 2004.
ComicsOne and kung fu comics. 7 May 2004.
Tokyo International Anime Fair 2004. 13 Apr 2004.
Tour of Anime International Company (AIC). 26 Mar 2004.
Asia In Comics 2004 - Comics by Asian Women. 23 Feb 2004. (2002-07, 2011-2016)
Chicano / U.S. Latino links (last updated 2007)

Abolish the Electoral College: The watering down of California's votes. Forum. 27 November 2016.
Returning Our Focus Back to Powerhouse California: Don't let post-election blues stop you in your tracks. Forum. 9 November 2016.
My Visit to the New Nixon Library: One down, 12 to go. Exprésate. 22 October 2016.
Parent-Teacher Conferences for Immigrant Parents: There are benefits of going to parent-teacher conferences; Preparation is not a bad idea. Exprésate. 26 September 2016.
Just Because I Take the Bus: Pay for what you take, dude. Exprésate. 6 September 2016.
A Trojan Horse Called Trump: This is not Reagan's Republican Party. Forum. 7 August 2016.
Bobblehead Trump Continues Swinging Wildly: Faith and hope will always win. Forum. 1 August 2016.
We Are One: Preschoolers Know More Than Trump's Supporters. We each hold a piece of the map of ancient and modern migrations of humanity. Exprésate. 13 June 2016.
Chase Trump Back to New York: California is a community of diversity. Forum. 2 May 2016.
Some Bus Service Is Better Than None: OCTA's proposed 2016 changes will hurt poor and disabled. Forum. 1 February 2016.
The Angry Birder: Dogs and cats do not belong in wilderness areas. Forum. 25 January 2016.
Chase After Your Dreams Now: You did make resolutions, right? Forum. 1 January 2016.

Just Wanted to Enjoy a Peaceful Sunday Hike: Love your local parks a little harder. Exprésate. 26 October 2015.
GOP Prez Candidate Joke-a-thon: Their out-of-body experiences keep adding up. Forum. 23 September 2015.
Watching the GOP Carnival Pass By: We have to move forward no matter what. Forum. 1 September 2015.
Same-Sex Marriage Finally Legal in All 50 States: It's not just a victory for homosexuals. Forum. 29 June 2015.
What Are You Doing?: But be careful out there. (Article about Santiago Park, Santa Ana, California.) Exprésate. 19 January 2015.

Intimidating and Harassing Jane in the Workplace: Pervasive violence against women is not a joke. Forum, 8 October 2014.
What Gets You Through This Life: Hopefully it doesn't involve cheating. Exprésate. 21 August 2014.
Hey, How Smart Is Your School?: Supporting science and mathematics in our schools. Forum. 17 July 2014.
Birding on the Brain: Rediscover your curiosity and the wild natural places in your 'hood. Exprésate. 16 June 2014.

Hiking to Californio History: Flores Peak and the Portola Expedition campsite. Exprésate. 25 June 2013.
But I'm a U.S. Citizen!: Not if University of Houston has its way. Exprésate. 13 April 2013.
WonderCon Anaheim 2013: Comic Artist's Mecca and Haven. A & E. 1 April 2013.

Earn a Certificate in Human Relations: Four free ongoing workshops and a little of your time required. Comunidad. 3 December 2012.
Giving Thanks to All My Relations: An act of thanksgiving. Exprésate. 24 November 2012.
Caught You Peeking at the Exit Polls: Diverse coalition reelects President Obama. Forum. 9 November 2012.
Attending Noche de Altares in Santa Ana: A reminder to take a sugar skull break to remember loved ones and to honor the past. Comunidad. 6 November 2012.
Why I Vote Democrat: Though my parents were Republicans. Forum. 31 October 2012.
Helping Hands for the Unemployed and Uninsured: There is always something you can do and organizations in LA and OC that can help. Comunidad. 22 October 2012.
Let Them See You at the Polls!: Do we live in a democracy or not? Exprésate. 5 October 2012.
Summer in the Chaparral: Don't forget water and sunscreen. Exprésate. 25 August 2012.
The 15-Minute, 10-Dollar Day: A strategy for using your shrinking free time and money wisely. Exprésate. 5 August 2012.
Chalking the Street: Fun-with-Chalk Street Festival. Exprésate. 21 July 2012.
Luckily I Have My Health (Mostly): A visit to the Lestonnac Free Clinc. Exprésate. 3 July 2012.
Chanting for the Life of the People. Exprésate. 13 May 2012.
It May Be a Season for Writing Poetry. Exprésate. 7 May 2012.
A Sampling of Bilingual Children's Books: Getting back in touch with your inner child. A & E. 17 January 2012.

The Chaparral in Winter: What You Can Do Besides Shopping. Exprésate. 24 December 2011.
Moon Gazing in December: Witnessing the eternal mythological battle. Exprésate. 13 December 2011.
Finding Holiday Spirit Wherever You Are: It doesn't mean you have to live in a gated community. Exprésate. 3 December 2011.
Scoring with Cultural Intelligence: A sneak peek at Livermore's CQ book. Comunidad. 29 November 2011.
Occupying the O.C. Bus Stop: Three transfers and a long walk. Exprésate. 20 November 2011.
Howling at the Moon at Santa Ana College: A nighttime walk in the neighborhood. Exprésate. 14 November 2011.
Revisiting Santa Ana's Noche de Altares: It's all about community. Comunidad. 7 November 2011.
The Immigrant Parent at Parent-Teacher Conferences: Preparation is not a bad idea. Comunidad. 17 October 2011.
Celebrating Education: It Starts in the Home. Comunidad. 10 October 2011.
Why Racial Profiling Is Bad Policy: Speak up against bad politics. Forum. 15 September 2011.
Defending Against Identity Theft and Digital Crimes: Checked your credit reports lately? Comunidad. 26 August 2011.
Proving Their "Americanness": A commentary on Richard Griswold del Castillo's book World War II and Mexican Civil Rights. Forum. 24 August 2011.
Looking for Raul at AM2: Post-con roundup of experts. A & E. 15 July 2011.
Your Guide to AM2: The newest comics convention in the Southland. A & E. 20 June 2011.
"Chocolate: The Exhibition" at the Muzeo Museum: A meal for your chocoholic soul. A & E. 17 June 2011.
Talking to Karate Champion Fatemeh Arabshahi: Karate is an international language. People. 25 April 2011.
Catching Up with Playwright Silvia Gonzalez-S: From the theater to the big screen, her screenplay ANA BANANA to start filming in May 2011. A & E. 13 April 2011.

Bears and Bots at Anime Expo 2007. A & E. 12 Jul 2007.
¡Todos a Leer! at Librería Martinez: Also, the Karon Koron exhibit. A & E. 25 Jun 2007.
It's Too Salty: Next time you reach for the salt, save it for holy water and exorcisms. Exprésate. 19 Jun 2007.
2007 Summer Comics Conventions Season. A & E. 10 Jun 2007.
Eh? What Did You Say?: One-third of Americans have hearing loss due to noise. Exprésate. 15 May 2007.
Plain Jane, Fancy Nancy, or Crude Jude? Exprésate. 27 Apr 2007.
Renting Freedom: I'm driving again. Exprésate. 26 Mar 2007.
Meet Crying Macho Man: An interview with cartoonist Jose Cabrera. A & E. 1 Mar 2007.
Retail Hell #8: The Finish Line's in Sight. Exprésate. 21 Feb 2007.

Got Monsters?: So does Artist Carlos Huante. A & E. 19 Dec 2006.
Retail Hell #7: Store Returns. Exprésate. 21 Nov 2006.
Illustrator of the Future: Miguel Rojas; Interview with up-and-coming book illustrator. A & E. 1 Sep 2006.
Not Your Papa's Comic Convention: Comic-Con 2006: A showcase for technology. A & E. 24 Jul 2006.
Summer Means Comic Book Conventions: Bring your inner child (and children) with you. A & E. 17 Jul 2006.
Lies of the Colonialists, Part 2: An English-Only drama. Exprésate. 14 Jun 2006.
To Conceal or Reveal?: Interview with mask maker Zarco Guerrero. A & E. 4 Jun 2006.
Beyond San Diego: Catching up with globe-trotting artist Ruben Seja. A & E. 21 May 2006.
Lies of the Colonialists: My new adventure comic story. Exprésate. 10 May 2006.
Is That a Guy or a Gal?: Not funny when they're talking about you. Exprésate. 14 Apr 2006.
Retail Hell #6: Go Home Already. Exprésate. 1 Feb 2006.
Retail Hell #5: Hell is the Kids' Department. Exprésate. 15 Jan 2006.

Your Precious Miseries: Interview with artist Melissa Diaz. A & E. 27 Sep 2005.
Thoughts on Childhood Verses: Mama Goose provokes associations to events in life. Exprésate. 18 Sep 2005.
Comics and Mucho Mas: Comic-Con International 2005 highlights. A & E. 14 Aug 2005.
Retail Hell #4: Hamster Mode. I'm the only one here who has a real reason to scream. Exprésate. 29 Jul 2005.
Caustic Comic Observations: Review of Mafalda the Movie. A & E. 12 Jul 2005.
Fart: Not ready to invest in activated charcoal underwear yet. Exprésate. 21 Jun 2005.
It's Just High Blood Pressure: Shopping in the health food section is like going to another country. Exprésate. 27 Apr 2005.
Retail Hell #3: Beggars can't be choosers. Exprésate. 21 Mar 2005.
Creating Culture: To stave off mediocrity, every artist should accept a vision quest. Exprésate. 14 Jan 2005.

Retail Hell: The Sequel. Just in time for the holidays. Exprésate. 19 Dec 2004.
Letters from a Military Brat: Dad never seemed to be around long enough before he was shipped out again. Exprésate. 11 Dec 2004.
The Miles of Difference Between Us: On a bad day we are so far apart. Exprésate. 14 Nov 2004.
The Day I Became a Cashier Zombie: Welcome to retail hell. Exprésate. 19 Oct 2004.
E-Mail Monkeys and Snakes: Fighting spam at the mailbox. Forum. 24 Sep 2004.
Neighborhood Con Artists: The wolves in sheep's clothing. Forum. 3 Sep 2004.
Neighborhood Peeping Toms: And other reasons to be paranoid. Forum. 9 Aug 2004.
El Muerto: Introducing comic artist Javier Hernandez. A & E. 29 Jul 2004.
San Juan Anime: Visual Arts Bookstore in Puerto Rico. A & E. 1 Jul 2004.
FanimeCon 2004: You Comics Maniac! But you have to go home sometime. A & E. 10 Jun 2004.
El Maestro de Cartoonists: Sergio Aragones highlights WonderCon2004. A & E. 13 May 2004.
Turning Damaged Books Into Art: Reversing Vandalism art exhibit. A & E. 19 Apr 2004.
Rockman and Other Sightings: Roaming the streets of San Francisco. Exprésate. 13 Apr 2004.
A Clever, Mischievous Boy: Carlos Morton is the guardian angel of Latino theatre directors and producers. People. 20 Mar 2004.
Life and Death in a Boxcar: Playwright Silvia Gonzalez-S. writes like a writer. People. 8 Mar 2004.
Robots Are Us: My head comes equipped with a camera. Exprésate. 26 Feb 2004.
What Are You Afraid Of? Lions and tigers and bears … and foreigners … oh, my! Exprésate. 12 Feb 2004.

Every Stranger I Meet: Everyone is a possibility, probability. Exprésate. 28 Dec 2003.
Guesthouse Living Isn't for Everyone: Learning what is important to make a place home. Exprésate. 5 Dec 2003.
Xenophobia Japanese and U.S.-style: Foreigners are always a handy scapegoat. Exprésate. 24 Oct 2003.
Living in High-Tech Tokyo: Even the toilets have controls. Exprésate. 29 Aug 2003.
Is It a Small World After All? Cultural differences between Japanese and Mexicans. Comunidad. 5 Aug 2003.
Frida and Me in Japan: Life takes a strange turn as plans change. Exprésate. 28 Jul 2003.
Retracing My Father's Footsteps in Japan: And I feel some of the sadness he must have felt. Exprésate. 30 Jun 2003.
Passing Time in Japan: It's going to be an interesting year. Exprésate. 18 May 2003.
Behind Barbed Wire (in the U.S.A.): U.S. Patriots Act makes us all potential terrorists. Exprésate. 1 Apr 2003.
A Significant and Enduring Influence: Diane Rodriguez is a Latino theatre professional. People. 16 Mar 2003.
Cages of a Patriarchy: For Women's History Month, March 2003. Exprésate. 12 Mar 2003.
Revolution/Evolution I: A view of Self-Help Graphics' latest show. A & E. 27 Feb 2003.
Comics: Not Just For Kids. Latino comic book artists make the scene. A & E. 21 Feb 2003.
January in Guadalajara, Part 2: Where everyday things become extraordinary and artful. Comunidad. 3 Feb 2003.
January in Guadalajara: Differences in home emerge, large and small. Comunidad. 23 Jan 2003.

Oh, They Were So Young: A glimpse of La Historia Society Museum/Museo de Los Barrios in El Monte. Comunidad. 20 Nov 2002.
The Marketing of Tolerance: The Museum of Tolerance shows what we can learn and improve. Comunidad. 4 Nov 2002.
Fire in the Morning: Yolanda Alvarez curates a photo history of Mexican Americans in Orange County. Comunidad. 1 Oct 2002.
Anime Finds a Home in Mexico: The Japanese animation and graphic novel world has Latino fan base. A & E. 12 Jul 2002.
Noise vs. Quiet: In an ever-assaultive sonic environment, do we have a choice? Comunidad. 27 Apr 2002.
Creating Work With Universal Appeal: Marcos Martinez & the Suzuki actor training method. People. 11 Mar 2002.

Jade (2000-05)
Asian Pacific Islander links (last updated 2007)

Nutopia, A Fantasy Art Model. Nov. 2005
Yaoi Press, Publisher of Original English-language Yaoi. Sep 2005.
Interview with Gnome International, Inc. Aug 2005.
Fitness Advice from Personal Trainer Jacqueline Carter. Jun 2005.
Sean Wang and His Space Opera Comic Runners. May 2005.
Odaiba - Globally Exotic, and a Hot Date Spot. Apr 2005.
New Year's Advice from Fitness Professional Jacqueline Carter. Jan 2005.

Experimenting with Gender in Manga. Part 1. Dec 2004.
Experimenting with Gender in Manga. Part 2. Dec 2004.
Audry Taylor and The Almost Legendary Shannon Graphic Novel. Part 1. Oct 2004.
Audry Taylor and The Almost Legendary Shannon Graphic Novel. Part 2. Oct 2004.
Comic-Con Artist Talent. Sep 2004. Pages -1- -2-
Korean Comics in the U.S. Part 1. Sep 2004.
Korean Comics in the U.S. Part 2. Sep 2004.
An Interview with Fantasy Illustrator Stephanie Pui-Mun Law. Aug 2004.
Welcome to Romance Theatre [all-female Takarazuka Revue Company, Japan]. Mar 2004.
Anime Expo Tokyo 2004: A California Convention Visits Japan. Feb 2004.
Urban Camping in Guadalajara, Mexico. Dec 2003.

A Glimpse of The Third Annual San Diego Asian Film Festival, Actress Michele Koewler and Abraham Lim's Film Toy. Nov-Dec 2002. Pages -1- -2- -3-
Passion and Joy: KGTV's Lee Ann Kim and the San Diego Asian Film Festival. -2- (PDF file) Sep-Oct 2002. Pages -1- -2- -3- -4-
Party at Anime Expo 2002. Sep-Oct 2002. Pages -1- -2- -3- -4- -5-
The Goddess of Flowers: A Short Review [Thelma Virata De Castro's play]. Jul-Aug 2002. Pages -1- -2-
Nightmare Neighbors and Noise Terrorism. May-Jun. Pages -1- -2- -3-
The Making of a Playwright: An Interview with Thelma Virata De Castro. Mar-Apr 2002. Pages -1- -2- -3- -4-
Contemporary Amateur Manga (Comics) in North America. Jan-Feb 2002.
— Part 1: Silvia Chang. Pages -1- -2- -3- -4- -5- -6-
— Part 2: OFU – A Canadian artist circle. Pages -1- -2- -3- (NOTE: See "Pages" for entire article.)
Yaoi Comics: Two Guys in Love and the Female Voyeur. Jan-Feb 2002. Pages -1- -2- -3- -4- -5- -6- -7- (NOTE: See "Pages" for entire article.)

Portrait of an Artist: Charlise Tiee. Nov-Dec 2001. Pages -1- -2- -3- (missing)
Cartoons, Comics & Conventions: A Fan Convention Survival Guide. Sep-Oct 2001.
Who Killed Kenneth Chiu?: Racism in Orange County, California. Sep-Oct 2001. Pages -1- -2- -3- AB 2428 (Chu), aka "Kenny's Law," was passed in 2004 after Chiu's murderer was found legally insane and was sent to a psychiatric hospital, instead of jail (sources: various, incl. A3PCON newsletter [2004, vol. 15, issue 3], OC Human Relations "Hate Crime-Related Legislation in California, 1999-2008").
"I Miss You, Dad": Letters from a Military Brat. May-Jun 2001. Pages -1- -2-
Marathon Girl. May-Jun 2001.
Solo Travel: Japan. Mar-Apr 2001. Pages -1- -2- -3- -4- -5- -6-

What's Wrong With Stereotypes? Nov-Dec 2000.
Sand Memories - A Visit to J-Town. Jul-Aug 2000. (a visit to the Manzanar internment camp)
SHOUT! Be Loud and Proud! Jul-Aug 2000. (1st page only)
Dumb Questions: that Asian Americans get asked, like "How did you learn to speak English so well?" Jan-Feb 2000.

Chicano Theatre Articles (1991-2001)
Introduction and On-line Interview with Silvia Gonzalez S. (playwright). Ollantay Theatre Magazine 9.18 (2001): 41-46.
Josefina Lopez (playwright biography). In Dictionary of Literary Biography. Vol. 209, Chicano Writers, Third Series, edited by Francisco A. Lomeli and Carl R. Shirley, 133-137. Detroit: Gale Group, 1999.
Edit Villareal (playwright biography). In Dictionary of Literary Biography. Vol. 209, Chicano Writers, Third Series, edited by Francisco A. Lomeli and Carl R. Shirley, 286-290. Detroit: Gale Group, 1999.
A Thousand Words More (Maria Irene Fornes and Chicano theatre). In Conducting a Life: Reflections on the Theatre of Maria Irene Fornes, edited by Maria M. Delgado and Caridad Svich, 154-155. Lyme, NY: Smith & Kraus, 1999.
The Genesis of Edit Villareal's MGM. Ollantay Theatre Magazine 4.1 (1996): 52-57.
1992-1993 California Theater Season Summary (Chicano/U.S. Latino theatre). Ollantay Theatre Magazine 1.2 (Jul 1993): 54-59.
Clashing Cultures? A Bowl of Beings (review of Culture Clash show). Voz Fronteriza 17.1 (Oct 1991): 14.
Chicano Theatre Alive More Than Ever (review of UCR's On the Border/Between Bridges International Theatre Festival featuring Chicano and Mexican theatre). Voz Fronteriza 17.1 (Oct 1991): 14.

Chicano Theatre Newsletter
Buscando California newsletter logo

Buscando California was a four-page print newsletter which I self-published between 1991-1993. Readers will find a snapshot of what the Chicano theatre scene was like in the early 1990s.

May/Jun 1993. Last issue. Teatro Campesino, San Juan Bautista, CA. The Ramona Pageant, 70th anniversary, Hemet, CA. Also, previously unpublished TENAZ XVI 1992 interviews with Ricardo Salinas (Culture Clash), Belinda Acosta (playwright), Ruby Nelda Perez (actor), Terry Tafoya Earp (playwright), Beverly Sanchez-Padilla (media artist), Zarco Guerrero (mask maker), and Paulina Sahagun (actor).
Mar/Apr 1993. Portland International Performance Festival, Portland, OR.
Jan/Feb 1993. Bilingual Foundation of the Arts, 20th anniversary, Los Angeles, CA.
Nov/Dec 1992. Victor Ochoa (muralist) and San Diego-Tijuana-Yokohama Art Exchange. Teatro ALTO, San Diego, CA. Brenda Wong Aoki's Obake! and The Queen's Garden. Here and Now Theatre Co. (Asian American theatre ensemble), MiraCosta College, Oceanside, CA, November 7, 1992.
• Nov 1992. TENAZ (Teatros Nacionales de Aztlan) XVI Theatre Festival (text-only version here), Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center, San Antonio, TX, November 11-15, 1992.
Sep/Oct 1992. Grassroots Theater in Historical and Contemporary Perspectives conference, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, October 9-11, 1992. Carlos Morton (playwright) interview.
Jul/Aug 1992. Culture Clash's S.O.S. show, Los Angeles, CA. Theatre in New Mexico. Interviews with Danny De La Paz (actor), Carlos Garcia (playwright), and Vetza Trussel (actress).
Jun 1992. ArtStreet youth program in San Diego. Interview with George Morales and his La Raza Kids.
May 1992. Latinos and Mainstream Theater: An Analytical and Futuristic Perspective, abridged report, 21 April 1990 symposium, California State University, Fullerton, April 21, 1990.
Mar/Apr 1992. The Year of the White Bear: Take One (text-only version here) performance art event by Guillermo Gomez-Pena and Coco Fusco, University of California, Irvine, March 2-4, 1992.
Feb 1992. Re/Writing Theater Histories conference on Chicano, Latino, and Spanish theatre, University of California, Irvine.
Jan 1992. MECHA's 3rd annual Chicano/Latino High School Conference, University of California, San Diego; El Teatro Cometa, Fullerton, CA.
Dec 1991. Poet Marisela Norte, performance artist Luis Alfaro, and comedy troupe Chicano Secret Service, University of California, San Diego.