I used Stith Thompson's Motif-Index of Folk-Literature, 6 vols. (Bloomington, Indiana, 1955-58). For some stories, the motifs have remained unidentified as this project was originally completed for a shorter book.

La llorona (The Wailing Woman)
S12.6. Cruel mother refuses children food.
S142. Person thrown into the water and abandoned.
S131. Murder by drowning.
Q211.4. Murder of children punished.
Q503. Wandering after death as punishment.
E547. The dead wail.

El perro diablo (The Devil Dog)
G303. Devil with glowing eyes.
G303. Devil in form of dog.
R11.2.1. Devil carries off wicked people.

El muchacho malo (The Bad Boy)
K2214.1. Treacherous daughter. (Treacherous son.)
S139.4. Murder by mangling with axe (machete).
M411.1. Curse by parent.
M448. Curse: to sink into the earth.

Las brujas (The Witches)
G213.5. Witch removes eyes, leaves them at home when out at night.
E781.1. Substituted eyes.
D683.2. Transformation by witch.
G242. Witch flies through air.
C227. Tabu: eating human flesh.
G11.3. Cannibal witch.
G243. Witch's sabbath.
D1766.1. Magic results produced by prayer.
G267. Man pursued by witches.
G303.17.1.1. Devil (witch) disappears when cock crows.
Q342. Inquisitiveness punished.

El pirul (The Pepper Tree)
E587.5. Ghosts walk at midnight.
E279.2. Ghost disturbs sleeping person.
E371. Return from dead to reveal hidden treasure.
F942.1. Ground opens and swallows up person.
Q272. Avarice punished.

Historias del Diablo (Devil Stories)
(Devil Story, no. 1)
G303.3.1. The devil in human form.
G303.6.2.16. Devil appears to drunkard.
C250. Tabu: drinking.

(Devil Story, no. 2)
G303.6.2.16. Devil appears to drunkard (drunkards).
G302.3.4. Demon in form of baby.
G303.4.1.5. Devil's teeth.
C250. Tabu: drinking.

El viento del Diablo (The Devil's Wind)
G303. Devil as whirlwind.
E402.1.1.3. Ghost cries and screams.
E261.4. Ghost pursues man (men).
E434. Magic protection against revenants.

El funeral y el Chivo Diablo (The Funeral and the Goat Devil)
G303. Devil in form of quote.

Los zapatos del muerto (The Shoes of the Dead)
E236. Return from dead to demand stolen property.
E266. Dead carry off living.

El yaqui y los perros (The Yaqui and the Dogs)
S110.1. Old people killed in famine.

Las cuevas de la muerte (The Caves of Death)
N512. Treasure in underground chamber (cavern).
E291.1. Person burying treasure kills person to supply guardian ghost.
E337.1.1. Murder sounds heard just as they must have happened at time of death.
(Ghosts moan.)
E755. Destination of the soul.
Q342. Inquisitiveness punished.
Q411. Death as punishment.

La arboleda de bellota (The Acorn Grove)
(Ghost goes away when dove coos.)
A2234.1.1. Raven does not return to ark in obedience to Noah: black color is resulting punishment.
A2426.2.8. Why dove coos.
A2521.1. Why turtle-dove is sad.
Q325. Disobedience punished.

La maldición de agua (The Water Curse)
Q325. Disobedience punished.
Q223.3. Neglect to sacrifice punished.

El murciélago (The Bat)
E423. Revenant in animal form.
B210. Speaking animals.
E265.1. Meeting ghost causes sickness.
R185. Mortal fights with death.
A300. God of the underworld.
Q431.9.1. Banishment for attempted murder.

La japonesa (The Japanese Woman)
S144.1. Abandonment alone on foreign coast.
E410. The unquiet grave.
E275. Ghost haunts place of great accident or misfortune.
D610. Repeated transformation. Transformation into one form after another.
E423.1.2. Revenant as cat.
E402.1.1.3. Ghost cries and screams.
E261. Wandering ghost makes attack. Unprovoked and usually unmotivated.
E261.4. Ghost pursues man.
F402.1.12. Spirit fights against person.
E384. Ghost summoned by magic.
E387.1. Ghost summoned in order to talk to it.
F491.1. Will-o-the-wisp.
E412.3. Dead without proper funeral rites cannot rest.
E402.1.1.6. Ghost sobs.

El indio bruto (The Brutish Indian)

El torbellino (The Whirlwind)

La china del mar (The Chinese Woman of the Sea)

La llorona de la luna (The Crying Woman of the Moon)
C836. Tabu: disobedience.
Q552.11. Punishment: meeting frightful apparition.
(Ghost, mysterious animal, devil.)

La lechuza (The Owl)
G211.4.4. Witch in form of owl.
D153.2. Transformation: man to owl.